Selenium is the most powerful automation tool for testing web applications using a web browser. It’s an open-source tool. They have many inbuilt packages and APIs that make our task easier.


Before starting with selenium we need to configure python 3+ in our system.

If you don’t have to install…

Lately, CCTV security systems have multiple algorithms running to ensure safety, such as Face-Recognition, Object Detection, Theft Detection, Fire Alert, etcetera. We implement many algorithms on top of motion detection because there is no point in running all those processes on idle frames. …

The container type used here is LxC.

Consists of isolated containers that share the underlying kernel.

These are faster as compared to Virtual Machines and take less space as they don't have complete another os installed.

Getting Started with Docker:

The official website for installation and other references: Docker official Website

Basic Commands:

docker run <image name> : runs the image and mounts it as a container…

Have you ever imagined:
a. How to set up call, message, email, social icons in a website???
b. How to set up forms how can you enter and submit your details??
c. How your mail is sent and received??
I will show you how these changes occur in the website!


What is Scrapy?


Scrapy is an open-source framework written in python. Scrapy is made for web Scrapping only but it can also be used in extracting data using APIs.

Scrapy is a complete package when it comes to downloading the webpages, processing, and storing the data into databases.

Scrapy is an application framework…

Have you ever imagined a page or website without coding???
How can it be possible???
Yes we can create a page or website without good command on coding languages.
Have you ever heard of Word press???
Let’s have a look here!


WordPress (WP, is a free and open-source content…

It is very quick and easy to create an EC2 instance. We can use the “Free Tier” instance for learning purposes. AWS provides a wide variety of instances with different Images like Windows, Amazon Linux, RedHat, SUSE, and Ubuntu, etc. My purpose to create an EC2 instance to host websites…

Before start with scrapy. I hope you’re already familiar with python or python package installer. They both are required to install scrapy on your machine. Scrapy requires a python 3.6+ version.

If you don’t have to install python on your machine you just need to install it first.

Install python

When you create a website there are some basic things that a web developer must know before creating a website.
Some of them I have mentioned below with an introduction about web development.


Website development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality as per the owner’s requirements. …

Everyday we view many websites and pages.
Have you ever thought how come they look so good and attractive or how the images are appeared, text are colored and styled???
I will show a short description about them!!!


Css stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It describes how HTML elements are…

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